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How much do Orkestro's courier partners charge for a delivery?

Orkestro follows a price transparency policy by which we always offer our merchants the best rate available in the market and we present it with no added fees. Each courier partner is responsible for setting its own prices, which vary depending on the type of service, vehicle, distance and postcode. Usually, their individual price cards are also provided on their official website. 

For large customers, Orkestro also facilitates direct negotiations with courier partners (RFP process). Merchants are also free to carry over pre-existing arrangements as our platform is agnostic from courier companies and we are always happy to expand our network or facilitate particular deals.

However, we understand that it is hard to get an idea of what prices look like from a high level with so many options being available. Therefore, every month we extract from our platform the average prices across all partners and present it together with the rates of the most used couriers.

Please keep in mind that the above are quoted prices. Therefore, these prices do not include waiting time, cancellations and return surcharges, that might occur during live operations. Additionally, be aware that these are average prices and therefore they do not reflect the cheapest available option at any one time. This occurs because merchants often prefer to deliver using premium courier options to increase reliability and boost customer satisfaction.

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