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What is an SLA and how does it work for me?

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract highlighting the obligations and expectations of you (the merchant) and your chosen fleet partner. The contract is signed between the merchant and the fleet but it is enforced by Orkestro.

Benefits of an SLA

  • Cost-effective pricing and possible volume discounts
  • Improved customer satisfaction & customer retention rates
  • Clear and measurable guidelines enforced by Orkestro
  • Compensations for any contract breaches (such as lateness and cancellations)

What is determined in an SLA

  • Basic service levels 
  • Cancellation guidelines and fees
  • Delivery times per service and vehicle type
  • Lateness and waiting time fees 
  • Fleets capacity commitment
  • Process and compensation for lost, stolen and damaged goods
  • Merchant specific delivery pricing and volume discounts

How to get an SLA

Unfortunately not every merchant is viable for an SLA with our fleet partners. Typically merchant's must meet a minimum number of volumes per day/week for a fleet partner to be willing to sign an SLA.

For us to determine whether you are viable for an SLA and ask our fleet partners if they would be interested, we will need to know your delivery volumes and needsWe will create the tender in behalf of the merchant based on their onboarding form data (or for existing customers we will use your Orkestro platform data).

If a merchant is new to the delivery space and has no historic or forecasted volume data etc. we would be able set the merchant up with a standard non-SLA account and help build data to a point where a fleet partner may be interested in signing an SLA.

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