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Orkestro Driver App Guide

The Orkestro Driver app enables the store to communicate with their drivers and assign delivery jobs with ease. Follow the steps below on how to get set up as a driver on the app:


Download the app


When your store sets you up as a driver, you'll receive an SMS notification inviting you to download the driver app and giving you the login details you'll need for when you sign in. Click on the link in the SMS and proceed to download the app. (Alternatively search "Orkestro" in Google Play Store and App Store).

Log in


Retrieve the login details in the SMS you were just sent. Make sure to "allow notifications" when you have downloaded the app, so you can receive live updates and messages from those booking the orders.


Go "On Duty" to receive jobs


Set your status to online to start receiving jobs. Tap the toggle at the top of the screen to report your location and go "On Duty".


Accept a job


New jobs assigned to you will appear under the "Today" view. Jobs appear in the order they were assigned.

Click on a job to accept and signal that you are working on it.




Navigate to the pick-up address using the information and map. Contact at pick-up and pick-up time will also be displayed. When you successfully arrive at pick-up, click to confirm on the app. When you have successfully collected the items, click 'In transit'.




Drop-off address, map, drop-off contact details, and delivery time will all be displayed here. Click "Arrived at drop-off" when you arrive at the drop-off address. Mark the order as a success of failure accordingly. You can then take pictures, add a note, and collect a signature here to capture proof of delivery, or any other information about the order. 

Note: Adding information to current task can be done at any time after a job has been accepted.


Review your completed jobs, go "Off-Duty" and log out. 


Back on the Tasks page, toggle to "All" and see your completed task. Proceed to log out.


In-app Support LiveChat

For other enquiries, Orkestro Support can be contacted via the app Live Chat:

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