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Internal Fleet Management Guide

If you have your own drivers you can use Orkestro's platform to manage your own drivers. We also have an app for the drivers which they can use to receive and navigate orders. More on how to use the driver app, please read this guide.

Once you have created your Orkestro account and Orkestro has set you up as an internal fleet you can add the drivers to your account. Please find more information on how to do so below.

Add drivers to your internal fleet

1. Navigate to "settings" and click "drivers"
2. Click on the "add driver" button
3. Fill in all the fields on the pop up and select your merchant ID under "merchants". Then press "Save".

Send login details to the driver

Once you have successfully added your drivers to your account, you need to send them their login details so they can receive orders and use the Orkestro Driver app. To send them the login details please follow these steps:

1. Click on the edit icon for the relevant driver
2. Click on "send onboarding sms"

The system will send a SMS to the mobile number of the driver with their username and password so they can login to the driver app.

Assign a driver to your order

Once you have onboarded your drivers and your account is fully setup you can start assigning your orders to the drivers. When an order is created Orkestro's system will automatically book your internal fleet as a courier for all of your orders. The only thing left for you to do is to assign drivers to your orders. Please find more information on how to do so below.

1. Select an order you want to assign to one of your drivers
2. Click "assign to driver" on the top left side of the platform

3. Select one of the drivers on the drop box and click "save"

4. Once assigned to a driver, the order colour will change to blue and the order will be send to the selected drivers app.

You can continue to monitor the order on the dashboard. Read more on how to track an order here. Once completed the order status on the platform will update automatically. 

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