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DPD shipping conditions

DPD Next Day Delivery 

Next day delivery which gives your parcel priority to ensure delivery by the next working day.

Shipping method features

  • For parcel delivery in the UK before close of business the following working day
  • Full trackable, with option to reschedule delivery if recipient is not home

Characteristics of the parcel

  • Maximum weight: 30kg
  • Maximum length: 100cm
  • Maximum dimensions: 100cm x 60cm x 70cm (230cm girth)

Non-Perishable Produce

Non-perishable food is treated as any normal parcel, with no additional checks or auto disposal needed.

If your item/s have a shelf life of 6 months plus, this is classed as non-perishable by DPD. Any items requiring temperature control and/or with a shorter shelf life will be classed as perishable.

Extra information

If you wish to send liquids (e.g. alcohol or juices over 100ml) DPD must sign this off and check the packaging used (if shipping alcohol, Ezee packaging is recommended). When shipping liquids, all parcels must contain a failsafe to contain liquids inside the box in the event of spillage or breakage to help protect other senders parcels and the safety of the driver.

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