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Best practices to set up Zapiet connected to Orkestro

Making sure your deliveries are profitable
There are two ways to ensure you are not making negative profit margins using 3rd party logistics. 

  1. Set a minimum basket value for delivery eligibility (e.g. customers are only eligible for delivery if their order £25+). 

  1. Charge a higher delivery rate for lower basket value orders so that the customer covers the delivery cost. 

Choosing your delivery areas
There are several ways you can set your delivery areas on Zapiet. We recommend either setting a delivery radius, driving distance or partial postcode validation.

Setting a delivery radius
Settings > local delivery > scroll down to ‘distance validation’ > choose ‘customer with maximum radius’ 

  • To set a delivery radius, you need to have a Google Maps API key

Setting a driving distance
Settings > local delivery > scroll down to ‘distance validation’ > choose ‘customer with max driving distance’. 

  • To set a driving distance, you need to have a Google Maps API key

Setting up partial postcode validation
Settings > local delivery > scroll down to ‘distance validation’> select ‘partial postcode match’

(Can use the map by postcode below to set the delivery zones)

Setting up delivery eligibility based on minimum basket value
To make your deliveries profitable, you may want to create a minimum basket value that is eligible for delivery. This way your customers will not be able to order for delivery unless they reach that threshold basket value. 

Apps > ‘Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery' > Settings > Local Delivery > (make sure local delivery is enabled) > conditional activation > ‘order value’ + ‘more than’ + ‘your minimum order value’ + ‘enable’. 

We recommend setting your minimum basket value as £15 or more. 

If you wish to allow your customers to order with lower basket values, you can set a higher delivery fee for these lower basket orders in the ‘Rates’ section of Zapiet App.

Setting your delivery rates 

You must set your delivery rates to ensure that your deliveries are profitable. To be able to set your delivery rates, you should have a Carrier API as part of your Shopify plan. It is free if you pay for your Shopify Subscription yearly.

Upgrade your plan to a yearly subscription (carrier API is free): Shopify Settings (left bottom corner) > Plan and permissions > Upgrade plan 

Enable Carrier API with a basic monthly plan (carrier API is $20 per month): contact Shopify via their Live Chat and they will help you set up. 

Delivery slots 

This is what your customers will see when they select their delivery slot at checkout. We recommend delivery windows to be 15 mins or more. 

Preparation time 

Please ensure that you set your preparation time to be 15 mins or more. This gives you time to prepare the order and Orkestro 

Adding a prefix to your order number

It helps couriers when they pick up a package to have the store name as a prefix to the order number. To add this to your orders, go to > Shopify > Settings > General > Standard and formats > Prefix > Add “STORENAME_#”

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