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Invite or reactivate users into your organization

Please note that only organization admins can invite or reactivate users.

Here are instructions on how to invite new users to your organization:

1.    Login to the Orkestro Dashboard

2.    Navigate to the 'Settings' page

3.    Click on 'User Management'

4.    Click on 'Add new user' in the upper-right corner of the page

5.    Enter the email of the invitees, select their permissions and the stores they can access
User Roles Explained

  • Admin: will have access to the entire organisation and will be able to invite and delete users.
  • Manager: will have access to specific merchants set up by the admin and won't be able to invite and delete users.

6.    Click “Send invitation” to invite the new user

Your invitees will receive an email notification and will be able to join the organization right away. The invite is active for 7 days but if the invitee doesn't accept it on time, you can resend the invite by clicking the three dots next to a user and then ”Resend Invitation”.

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