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      • What is a customer support ticket?

        • A customer support ticket is an electronic record that is made and updated when a request or query is submitted to Orkestro. A ticket is assigned a unique number for tracking purposes.
      • How can I raise a customer support ticket?

        • A ticket can be submitted by:
          • On the Orkestro Dashboard: Click [Support] at the top of the order and then click [Submit a ticket]. 
          • Clicking on this link. After which you should be redirected to the form.

      • Why do I need to raise a customer support ticket?

        • So we can have a record/log of any issues you experience with courier partners
        • We discuss issues with courier partners to improve service levels
      • When can I raise a customer support ticket?

        • If you think the courier partner breached service level of agreements (SLAs)
        • if an order was damaged in transit
        • if the driver behave poorly
        • if the order was picked up but never delivered
        • if the order was delivered to the wrong address
        • if a duplicate driver shows up at the pick up location
        • if the vehicle cargo sent was not suitable for the order
        • if you are experiencing any issues with the Orkestro dashboard functionalities
      • How do I track my queries?

        • You can create an Orkestro customer support portal so you can log in and raise a ticket. You can also check the status of all your on going tickets.
        • When you submit a ticket to Orkestro, you will receive a unique ticket reference number.    
      • You can log in on your account on Orkestro and check the status of your inquiry.

    • How do you solve queries?

      • Refund requests are investigated based on available record on our platform and then forwarded to the courier partner involved.
      • Once an investigation on the courier side is done and an approval has been given, Orkestro support team members forward the refunds to our finance team for processing.
    • How soon can I get a response on my ticket?

      • We aim to respond to new tickets within 24-48 hours.
    • How long do I have from the date of incident to file for a refund?

      • All refund requests MUST be raised by the merchant within 48 hours of the incident.
    • Can I contact the fleet directly for a refund?

      • No. Any issue, refund request or inquiry must be raised to Orkestro, who will then flag this to the courier involved.
    • How long does a refund/investigation process take?

      • We aim to resolve all tickets within 7 to 14 working days.
    • What evidences do I need to file for a refund?

      • For any refund request we require a proof of basket value (receipt). A photographic evidence will also be helpful in our investigation.
    • How do I receive my refund?

      • If Direct Billing - refund comes from courier partner directly
      • If not on Direct Billing - refund issued to Orkestro and then Orkestro issues refund to merchant


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