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Fleet integration steps

Please find below a brief guide on how to get started building and testing your integration in Orkestro’s sandbox environment.

Step 1: Review and familiarise yourself with our fleet API documentation.

Step 2: Create sandbox logins. You’ll need to complete the following:

  1. Select an application: Please skip this section.
  2. Configure dispatching rules: Choose at least one vehicle type for each basket value (testing purposes only).
  3. Select your fleets: Select all available fleets (testing purposes only).
  4. Add (fake) payment details: Please use any Visa or Mastercard test credit card numbers.

Step 3: Follow the API documentation to set up the integration. Once set up, run tests to see that everything is working as it should. More on how to validate what you've built here.

Step 4: Go live in production environment

Once you are confident you have complete testing (step 3), please get in touch with your account manager to get access to production environment. 

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