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What factors affect the cost of a delivery?

There are number of factors that could affect the cost of your deliveries. Please find a list of factors to consider below.

General factors

  • Vehicle Type: The larger the vehicle, the higher the cost of the delivery.

  • Distance: The longer the distance from the pickup point, the higher the cost of the delivery.

  • Location: Some couriers may charge higher or lower for deliveries in certain postcodes. This may be partly due to their availability of drivers and vehicles in specific areas.

  • Service type: Some couriers offer two types of service

    • Direct Service: Drivers must go directly from the pickup to the drop off. Direct service tends to be slightly more expensive, however, is well suited for hot food delivery.

    • Standard Service: Drivers can make multiple picks up and drop offs along their route. Standard service tends to be cheaper than direct service and is well suited for ambient goods.

Additional charges

  • Waiting Time: A driver waiting at the pickup or drop off location may incur charges. Waiting time charges vary by courier.

  • Cancellation Charges: Once a driver has been assigned to fulfil an order, a cancellation fee will be charged if the delivery is canceled. Cancellation charges will also vary from one courier to another.

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