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Recommended criteria for QA testing

In order to make sure that the QA process is successful, please make sure that all the below points are addressed:


  • Parcel reference must be unique for each order and must reflect the payload.

  • Parcel item must contain individual item information.

  • Parcel value must be sent as a sum of the value of the items.

  • The delivery schedule follow our guidelines 

  • Pick up and drop off address line 1 must only contain street name and number.

  • Pick up and drop off phone has a valid format

  • Pick up and drop off email have a valid format

The most important thing is that the information is getting sent across correctly. We check that the OrderReference match in the sender system and Orkestro, we check that the pickup time matches in both systems, we check the addresses are geocode-able (we recommend you introduce a Google Maps validation before you pass us the addresses)

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