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Uber Connect Guide

This guide is for Orkestro customers looking to use Uber with their own credentials

1. Go to your Uber Direct account dashboard

2. Go to the developer settings and select the webhooks tab

3. Configure a new webhook url (click the create webhook button) and select the “courier update” and “delivery status” options and then set the callback url to be, if done correctly the page should look something like this:

4. Next click the 3 dots at the end of the new row created, choose the “edit” option and copy the signing key

5. Sign in to Orkestro and go to your connected fleets ( and then find your merchant)

6. Connect to Uber, using “personal” credentials

7. Set your password to be the webhook  signing key you copied in step 4, your username to be your uber customer id (you can find this in the API Keys tab on the Uber developer page) and set the client id and client secret to be the same as those provided by Uber

8. Save your credentials and you should now be connected to Uber

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