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ID Verification for 18+ Product Deliveries


Delivering 18+ products requires a stringent process to confirm that recipients are of legal age. This article outlines the procedure to enforce ID checks seamlessly, ensuring compliance and safety.

Verification Methods Across Fleets:

The verification process for checking the recipient's ID can vary among different fleets. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Ryde and Stuart: Use their app for ID verification.
  • Tryd, GLH, Delivery Mates, Green Courier, Crawfords, Addison Lee: These fleets don’t have a built-in verification system but use delivery notes to communicate the need for an ID check.
  • Supper, Pedivan, Ecofleet, Absolutely, and Gophr: Use Onfleet or their app for ID verification.

Best Practice for ID Verification:

The most effective and universal practice to ensure ID verification for deliveries containing 18+ products is to include explicit instructions in the drop-off notes. By doing this, the courier is informed in advance about the necessity to check the recipient’s ID, ensuring compliance with legal age restrictions.

Ensuring the responsible delivery of age-restricted products is a priority for us. By including detailed instructions for ID checks in the drop-off notes, couriers can uphold legal and safety standards in the delivery of 18+ items. Your collaboration in incorporating these instructions is essential in fostering a secure and compliant delivery environment.

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