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Set up dispatching rules for your orders

You can edit the rules which determine the services booked for your orders. Here's how:

  1. Log in to the Orkestro Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” page
  3. Click on “Dispatching
  4. Search for the relevant merchant in the search bar

  5. Click on “Add rule” to set your dispatching logic:
    1. Select a priority fleet (optional) - The system will always try to book the selected fleet first.
      You can add other fleet services that are currently not part of your settings, here’s how:
    2. Select the backup logic - In case your priority fleet is unable to assign a driver on time, backups will be triggered according to your set rules each time a booking fails and every 5 minutes starting from 10 minutes before the pickup time. You can choose between:
      • Cheapest: The system will automatically select the cheapest quote from your backup fleets.
      • Priority: The system will automatically select the backup based on your prioritisation.

    3. Add backup services (optional)
      See here how to add more fleet services.

Note: When you add more than one rule, you will be able to set a rule for different distances and basket values thresholds. Click here to know more.

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