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How to manage geocoding errors

There is a problem with my order's address, should I do anything?

The short answer is no! Orkestro will try to recognise the provided address and format this to the best-matched address, when this is not possible the provided address will directly be passed on to our fleets.

It is always worth double-checking whether the changed address is correct and in the event that the address is not recognised at all check that the provided address really is correct (as this means it was not recognised by Google).

What's happening in the background?

When an order is received via the API or otherwise, Orkestro's platform verifies whether the address is recognisable by Google (using Google Geocoding API) - this is so that Orkestro is can provide additional services such as ETA, fastest routes etc. This can lead to three scenarios:

1. Address is correctly Geocoded

No action is required - the order has been sent through to our partners and is recognised by Orkestro.

2. Address could not be Geocoded by Google

When an address is sent which is not recognised by Google, called failing to geocode, Orkestro will still send the provided address on to the fleets, it is entirely possible that an address is correct and not accepted by Google. However, in this event, it's worth checking whether the address provided is the intended one.

When an address has not able to be geocoded, Orkestro will alert on the dashboard with a warning icon:

If the order itself is opened up, more information will be provided. Again, when an order fails to geocode it's possible that the address is correct which is why we still send the address to our partners, however more often than not the provided address is incorrect. To change the address, please cancel the order and create a new one.

3. Address was updated by Google

Often when address are provided and they are not entirely correct, Google is able to recognise this and provide a suggested location.

For example:

Original Address Sent: Flat 10, First Floor, 10 Downing St, London, SW1A 2BA.
New Geocoded Address: 10 Downing St, London, SW1A 2AB

This clean-up is necessary in order to make sure that an address is correctly recognised by the fleets. By default Orkestro will provide this changed address to the fleets, there are two clear notifications of this happening though. Similarly to when an address is incorrectly geocoded, there will be a warning box on the order task row. When an order is opened up there will also be a big banner saying that the address has been changed.

How can I maximise the chance of the addresses being geocoded accurately?

It is advised to use Google autocomplete (or a similar geocoding tool) upon checkout to ensure that the address is correct. Providing flat and apartment number information in the Address line 2 field rather than providing this in the address 1 field also will greatly reduce the errors. Commonly, these additional address details can confuse Googles geocoding service.

Feel free to contact our Support team for further questions. Good luck!

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