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Orkestro Platform Guide

Once you are live with Orkestro, you will have access to the dashboard! Login using your username (email) and password (Note: the username and password is CaSe SeNsItIvE). Your dashboard should look something like this when there are active orders:

Your list of orders will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Each order has 2 Task Rows - one for pick up (status and ETA) and one for drop off (status and ETA). See "Tracking your Orders" for more info on how to interpret the task rows.

Navigating the Orkestro Dashboard Guide

Adding Orders

Now, let’s consider how we add orders to the Dashboard. Orders can be added to the system in three ways:

1. Automatic Order Integration

If you’re with one of Orkestro’s partner systems (full list here), your orders will automatically appear in the dashboard. Skip to the Managing and Amending your Orders if this is the case.

2. CSV Upload (best for scheduled orders)

Click here to learn more about this method of upload.

3. Manual Order Creation (best for ad-hoc orders) 

To manually create an order, Click [Add Order] at the top left of the dashboard:

Then enter the following information:

  • Order Number - ideally this should be unique per order. You’ll need to quote this reference should you need to contact Orkestro directly regarding a delivery.
  • Delivery Schedule - select “Urgent” if you need the order delivered now. Alternatively, select “Custom pickup and delivery times” for orders needing delivery at a future date/time. If using this option, set the pickup and drop off delivery windows required.
  • Parcel Specifications- these are used to determine which vehicle your delivery will be booked with.
    • Parcel value - this will determine which vehicle to use. In case you have not set customised dispatching rules and wish to use this feature please note that by default, orders with parcel value <£150 are booked with bicycles and motorbikes, while orders with >£150 are booked with cars and larger vehicles. 
    • Handling instructions - select as applicable to highlight to the courier certain details of the order.
  • Pick-up - this information should be pre-populated as per your details.
  • Drop-off - fill out your customer’s details here. Please make sure this is accurate as these details are shared directly with the courier and form a basis for the quoted delivery price. Enter any extra information in the Delivery Instructions field.
  • Notes - add any extra detail about the order here. This will be visible to the Orkestro live operator.

To have your order auto dispatched according to your set dispatching rules, toggle the 'auto dispatch' switch at the bottom left corner of the order window. 

In case you have not set your dispatching rules and wish to use this feature, please note that our dispatching logic works on parcel value level. By default, orders with parcel value <£150 are booked with bicycles and motorbikes, while orders with >£150 are booked with cars and larger vehicles. 

Click [Save] at the bottom of the order when complete, and you’re all done! 

Managing and Amending Orders

Task manager 

Highlighting orders will bring up the task manager where you can carry out a number of things in the top bar menu including:

  • Edit statuses
  • Merge orders
  • Create multi-drops
  • (for internal fleet management users only) Assigning drivers

Locate a single order - either directly from the dashboard or using the search function. (Note: this is currently CaSe SeNsItIvE)


Depending on your dispatching set-up, after an order is added you should see a courier booking or several bookings with their associated vehicle booked, quoted price, courier reference and status:

  • Status - when waiting for a courier to assign a driver the status will show as "Quote Approved". The first courier to assign a driver will take the job, causing this booking to change status to "Assigned to Driver". At the point a driver is assigned by one courier, all other bookings to display as "Cancelled".
  • Cancel booking - if there is a booking that shouldn't be there, you can cancel individual bookings. Please note that there is no charge for this as long as the booking is showing as "Quote Approved". If a driver is already assigned to a booking that you wish to cancel, then a cancellation charge may apply. To cancel the entire order, please see [Cancel Job] below.
  • Dashboard Chat - for live orders, you can open a chat about any booking within the order tab itself using [Start Chat]. All orders with ongoing chats will appear at the top of the order list so you never lose track of a conversation. When you're all done with a chat - hit [Resolve] at the top of the chat tab.
  • [Cancel Job] - should be done in most cases of changing order details. Order information is shared with the courier at the point of booking. Cancelling ensures an order with incorrect information is not booked with a courier. Note: if a driver was assigned to the order before it was cancelled, there will be a cancellation charge

  • [Repeat Booking]. This creates a duplicate of the original booking but allows you to edit the order details. Do this on the cancelled order, and add “#2” to the Order Number. We recommend doing this to help you keep a track of repeated bookings and original bookings. Amend as necessary and click [Save] when done:

Tracking your orders

Each order has 2 Task Rows - one for pick up (status and ETA) and one for drop-off (status and ETA). On the top task row, you will also be able to see the vehicle requested, the Courier that was booked, the name of the driver assigned. This enables you to gauge progress on all your orders at a glance.

Dashboard legend 

Orkestro's task rows are colour coded in the following way depending on their status to help you identify key milestones in an order's progress and ETAs

(Note: this legend is also accessible on the Orkestro Dashboard for when you want to check something quickly. Simply navigate to Settings > Dashboard Legend)

Driver GPS tracking 

When an order is assigned to a driver, the driver GPS will be available to view on the dashboard*. Click on any order in progress to view the driver location. Alternatively, open any order where a driver has been assigned and navigate to [Tracker].

*(Note: Driver GPS tracking is only available to users on Orkestro Pro, Growth and Enterprise plans)

Organise your orders using Filters and Sorting

We have a few features, accessible via the top bar to help you sort and organise your active orders. By using Dashboard filters you filter by order date, time, and Status properties.

Additionally, you can sort orders to promote orders with certain properties to the top of the Dashboard. E.g. sorting by Fleet would sort orders into distinct categories on your dashboard depending on the courier that order was booked with.

By clicking on Filters in the Top Bar, you'll be presented with the following options:

Date and time slider 

Use the time slider to restrict your view of orders to one particular day and time window. By default this is set to the current day and the rolling 24hr period, but you can restrict your view to show only the orders relevant to you at the time.

For example, if you don't see past orders by moving the time slider on the "-" side to 0. This would leave you with the 12hour period ahead for orders. Conversely, if you only wanted to see orders in the future which take place in the next 2hrs, roll the time slider back to 2hrs on the right hand side.

Other Filters

  • By Merchant - if you have multiple store locations you may want to split your order view so you can inspect a subset of your locations.

  • By status - use this to inspect only orders with a certain status associated. E.g. you could restrict your view to only orders where the driver is in transit to get a sense of how orders are running to schedule.

  • By fleet - use this to inspect orders by the fleet they are booked with. This will help give you a sense of how many active orders are booked with certain fleets, and help to give you an impression of current performance of these.

  • By source - if you have integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms then it is possible to filter by source to restrict your view to orders coming through any of your integration channels.

  • By Task - it's possible to restrict your view to either one or both of the task rows (pick up and drop-off). Use this to determine which view you would prefer. Use this if you only want to view orders with ongoing chats. Note: orders with ongoing chats will always appear at the top of the order list, regardless of whether or not you're using filters.

Sort by

Split your order view by any of the following properties:

  • Time
  • Fleet
  • Merchant
  • Driver
  • Late


Navigate to Dashboard settings to find:

  • Personal - change the look and feel of the dashboard here.
  • Drivers - if you’re using your own drivers, navigate here to manage their details.
  • Merchant - if you have multiple branches, this is where you can preset some default settings for orders coming from each.
    • Customer notifications - send tracking notifications to your customers via email notifying them of the status of their delivery. Set these up here, and customise the text you want to send. Note: SMS notifications will be sent to the phone number listed in the drop-off details.
    • Additional Auto Pickup Instructions - note down anything you want to be visible to the driver when they are assigned e.g. directions to get to the pick-up location if it’s hard to find.
    • Typical parcel specifications - set default dimensions and handling instructions so you don’t have to fill these out for each order.
  • User Management (Admins only) - invite, reactivate, remove users, change usernames and permissions here.


Want to analyse your past deliveries? Orkestro allows you to export data in CSV format for any date in the past, so you can run analysis however you want. Simply navigate to the Dashboard Reports: 

Select the time window you want to analyse, your Merchant ID from the dropdown list, and click [Apply]. If you have several branches, then select more Merchant IDs from the dropdown list.

Live Chat and Support

Can’t find what you’re looking for here or need to speak to the Orkestro live operator?

Dashboard Chat

For live orders, you can open a chat about any booking within the order tab itself. All orders with ongoing chats will appear at the top of the order list so you never lose track of a conversation. 

When you're all done with a chat - hit [Resolve] at the top of the chat tab.


If you have a more general question for Live Support or can't locate the relevant order, navigate to Dashboard settings and open a Chat. If you can’t log in or don’t have access to the dashboard, click here to go to our main support page and access LiveChat.

Support tickets 

For more detailed enquiries about your account, dispatching preferences, finance, or anything else, click here to raise a ticket with our support team.

Not on Orkestro and are interested in hearing more about how it works? Click here to get in touch.

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