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Track your order

You can track the status of your order as well the ETA and live location of the driver.

Track the status of your order:

Open the order and see the status of your order on "Current status".

Once your order status has been changed to "Assigned to driver", you can track the assigned driver.

Track the driver:

The driver GPS will be available to view on the dashboard. Click on any order in progress to view the driver location. Alternatively, open any order where a driver has been assigned and navigate to “Tracker”.

If you're on any of our paid subscriptions, the tracking URL is sent to the customer via SMS and/or email.

Please note: You may not be able to track your driver if the courier or driver is having some technical difficulties with tracking or if the courier does not provide tracking information.

Contacting Driver or Fleet:

If you are unable to see the driver’s location after a driver has been assigned, you may:

1.    Call the driver using the telephone number in the order docket.

2.    If you are unable to reach the driver, you can contact the courier support team via the Dashboard Chat.

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