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Import orders into the Orkestro Platform through CSV

If you want to add multiple orders to the platform in one go, you can do this with our CSV upload feature. It will save your time when a large number of orders need to be created manually. Please use the attached CSV template when uploading orders.

1. Start by filling in all mandatory columns on the CSV template. Please note:

  • The order of the columns and the headers of the columns have to be an exact match to the template given. The headers of the columns are also case sensitive.
  • File type has to be CSV (comma separated values), no other formats are supported.
  • Merchant should be in the same format as registered to the dashboard
  • ExternalRef is your own order reference
  • Phone numbers should be formatted as general

Here is a list of all mandatory columns:

  • Merchant ID
  • ExternalRef
  • SourceForename
  • SourceAddress
  • SourceCity
  • SourcePostcode
  • SourceCountry
  • SourcePhone
  • PickupDateFrom (format accepted yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss - ISO8601)
  • DestinationForename
  • DestinationAddress
  • DestinationCity
  • DestinationPostcode
  • DestinationCountry
  • DestinationPhone
  • DeliveryDateTo (format accepted yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss - ISO8601)

2. Once you have filled in the template you can upload the CSV file to the platform. You can do this by clicking "import orders". Select the file and click "import file".

Please note, if an error occurs when uploading the file to the platform, the platform will notify you. This can happen if one of the rows contain incorrect information. You will have to either remove the problematic row, or correct it and re-upload the file. Example:

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