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Create a multidrop

A multidrop is when two or more orders are picked up at the same time and location to be delivered to multiple locations. Multidrops may be sometimes cheaper and more efficient than single drops; however, these will need to be created and booked manually. 

Please note that very few delivery partners are able to support multidrops. The available delivery partners will show up in the Quotes section of the order page once created. 

Once the individual orders have been created, firstly select the ones you want to multidrop and then click the button “Multidrop” located on the top bar of the screen:

An order page will pop up and if you scroll down to the “Contained tasks” section you will be able to use the arrows on the right-hand side to decide in which order you want the drops to be delivered:

You will then see a single task composed of the different orders sorted as requested:

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